Screening for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and its Prevalence in Bangladesh

  • A joint initiative of BADAS and Novo Nordisk Pharma (Pvt)
  • Objectives: 1) To evaluate the countrywide prevalence of GDM and its associated risk factors in Bangladesh. 2) To evaluate the knowledge about GDM among pregnant women in Bangladesh.  
  • Study design: Cross-sectional study
  • Study duration: 12 months (November 2017 to November 2018) 
  • Study centers: 100 institutions of BADAS and its AAs
  • Target population: Pregnant women who are living in the localities close to the selected centers 
  • Total study samples: 7000
  • Funding: Novo Nordisk Pharma (Pvt)
  • Status: Complete
  • Key points: 
  • According to the preliminary findings, the rate of GDM is 26.4%, and the rate of good knowledge about GDM is only 26.3%.
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