About Us

The Centre for Global Health Research (CGHR) is a research wing of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS).

CGHR is founded in 2013 to promote the medical research in resource constraint society like Bangladesh where doctors are trained primarily for clinical practice. Further, it is envisaged to promote south to south and south to north collaboration to address the local and global issues relevant for diabetes and related cardiometabolic disorders.

CGHR is created to coordinate and facilitate educational and scientific activities including both large-scale epidemiological and clinical studies both within and outside the country.

Research areas include epidemiology of diabetes and related cardiometabolic disorders (notably, obesity, metabolic syndrome, lipid disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases), gestational diabetes, prevention of diabetes, maternal nutrition and its link to diabetes and related cardiometabolic disorders, development of the non-invasive tool (like risk score, artificial intelligence), diabetes education and E-learning.

Funding is provided by grants from Directorate General of Health Services of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, World Diabetes Foundation, European Union, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Rotary Club, NovoNordisk, Abbott and Incepta Pharma.