GIFTs Mother and Child Health Study

  • Mother and Child Health Research Program in Bangladesh is a part of GIFTS “Genomic and lifestyle predictors of fetal outcome relevant to diabetes and obesity and their relevance to prevention strategies in South Asian people” study. 
  • Chief Investigators: Prof. Graham Hitman & Prof Akhtar Hussain
  • Principal Investigator: Prof AK Azad Khan
  • Coordinator: Bishwajit Bhowmik
  • Research Partners: Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, Queen Mary University of London, University of Oslo and Mother & Child Health Training Institute, Azimpur, Dhaka
  • Funding: European Union (FP7-HEALTH-2011) 
  • Length of study program: 3 years
  • Study centers: Mother & Child Health Training Institute, Azimpur& BIRDEM
  • Study areas: Dhaka city (Azimpur, Lalbagh, Hazaribag, kamrangir char, Keraniganj) 
  • Phase: Phase 1 (WP2 – cross-sectional) and Phase 2 (WP3- RCT)
  • The key GIFTS objectives:
    • Improving understanding of the nutritional and lifestyle factors affecting early life programming
    • Elucidating the role of genomics in the development of diabetes
    • Modification of diabetes prevention education by incorporation of results and learning generated by GIFTS into the curriculum
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