Diabetes Prevention Intervention Study (DPIS)

  • A joint research initiative of BADAS and University of Oslo (UIO), Norway
  • Study Place: Two Institutions of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BIRDEM, NHN)
  • Study design: Randomized Control Trial  
  • Study duration: 18 months
  • Funding: UIO & BADAS
  • Status: complete 
  • Key points: 
    • First randomized control trial to prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Person with IGT  in Bangladesh
    • To assess the outcome of different intervention (lifestyle, metformin, and glibenclamide) models to prevent diabetes among the high-risk group in Bangladesh 
    • Total participants:  1200 IGT subjects
    • Risk reduction: Metformin + Lifestyle: 74%; Glibenclamide + LS: 66; Only lifestyle: 60%
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